How to get press


Yes! We are in the major news all over the world!

How to be in the news headlines? How to get press?

Well, here is some advice from our co-founder, a PR professional, on how to be featured in Miami Herald, Los Angeles Times, Skift (one of the biggest travel news website), SF Newspapers,  and major Brazilian publishers in 2 months:

We started Airportrs backwards. I mean, using the lean startup methodology, we should start talking to future users, doing interviews, getting their complaints, collecting emails or social network profiles, resolving their problems (building the website/app), launching and spreading it among those users. But as we wrote in the first article, the Airportrs was motivated by personal experiences.

So, we started building the website and launching it with no users. After the launch, our aim was to get users to test and validate our website. How? How could we be noticed by travellers and achieve our dreamed-of huge user access?

1 – We’d written a short email and sent it to travel editors from Brazil, United States and the UK. I thought it should be short so it didn’t take too much time from the journalists as they receive hundreds of pitches everyday. The following is the email we sent, as simple as that:

Hi there.
I’ve just released a new website, Airportrs.
Airportrs gives a simple and a clear way to get to the city centre from airports around the world.
For further information:
Press release:

2 – Some journalists became interested in publishing the website, so they contacted us and we told them a bit more about the history, our motivation and further plans.

3 – Thankfully, they decided to show Airportrs on websites, newspapers, social networks…

4 – With the users accessing the website, we’ve collected as much feedback as we could.


Need help to reach some big newspapers and websites? We are more than happy to share our knowledge!

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