The beginning…

My wife and I love to travel and have been lucky enough to have travelled to some amazing places in the last years.

What always drove us crazy was the challenge of reaching the city centre when we landed in airports around the world. There are too many options to choose from: fast trains, taxis, buses, subway, apps. Each one with their own price and time. We have to browse through a bunch of websites, blogs, transfers wasting too much time.

Facing these problems every time we travelled I had an insight: why not create an aggregated website with a huge list of airports and routes from them to the city centre?

So Airportrs has been launched in 1st May 2015.

The list of routes is clear and simple, displaying for each option the time to the centre, price and a link for further information.

Some of our travellers also want more than routes to the city centre. They want to know how to buy tickets for attractions. As soon as possible we will publish here great attractions and how to buy the tickets.

Have a great trip!

Help us by sending your tips for routes to the airports around the world!

You can check the list of airports here

Leo Nagano
Airportrs Co-Founder

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